JAC Frizza


           On a bright day in Pensacola, Fl, JAC Frizza arose from a coma. A near fatal car accident had rendered him with a broken neck, broken ribs, and collapsed lungs. A rumor had spread throughout Pensacola that he had died. Doctors told him that comatose patients have less than a 50% chance of waking up and some never fully recover when they wake up. Growing up, the odds were always against him so he just picked up where he left off with a new found passion. “I woke up to a room full of family and an empty bank account, all I kept thinking was if I would have died I would have left nothing behind, I realized that if I wanted this I was going to have to take it.”

           JAC Frizza brings a unique perspective to the world of Hip Hop. After he eventually landed in Pensacola, Fl, he was influenced by a fusion of Hip Hop movements part New York, Atlanta, and Texas made. This rolling stone sees the world through diverse eyes and has a lot to say. 
Most artists spend years trying to find their sound or where they fit into the industry. JAC Frizza moves like a seasoned veteran who has seven albums under their belt. “I’m Tupac on steroids, Jay-Z on ex, Biggie with TrimSpa, … I am the test.” His universal sound is most comparable to hip hop heavyweights like Kanye West, Jay-Z, and Drake. This legend in the making combines clever lyrics, infectious hooks, unforgettable harmonies, and futuristic production to create his revolutionary sound. 

           Every generation of music has its underdog who becomes the beacon that points to the where the future of music is headed. JAC Frizza’s rise to the top and will position him on the forefront of the next wave of Icons. Stay tuned, the best is yet to come.